Just defective I guess.

I see myself where I am, not now, but in the future, even if it's as simple as a minute from now. I need to change that. Not be so afraid of the now and go for the things that are going to get me to the place where I live in my head.

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”
— Ewan McGregor - Moulin Rouge
Ask what you may.
Curiosity killed the cat.


“If you’re a bird I’m a bird.” - The Notebook (2004)

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Say you’re a bird. ):


Elsa Sylvan by Beau Greatly for The Sunday Telegraph

That’s my name!


Self-portrait in micron pen. :)

I”m going to do this. (:




roots roots roots
somedays i want to go dark

This girl, excuse my French, is fucking gorgeous. (:


this is what perfect is to me. does that make sense? i just want to drive in a car with somebody and we’d sleep in the back with the seats folded for all the stops. we can have a direction or we don’t have to. i just want the road and us, whoever us is.


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